TWBlue Version 2024.1.5 has been released

Hello and welcome to a new TWBlue release! This is the first version of TWBlue that we are releasing during 2024. The beginning of this year marks some important milestones, such as the project's domain change, which will transition from to using the domain This is also the initial release of TWBlue exclusively for 64-bit, as we have encountered growing issues in generating the distributable version of TWBlue on 32-bit architectures due to certain libraries used in the process no longer supporting this architecture. Finally, the generated versions of TWBlue will be published on GitHub Releases, making it easier to locate additional versions and find previous software releases. All these changes have been implemented with the aim of making the project easier to maintain, more intuitive for users, and ultimately shortening the development cycle between each release.

Below, you will find the list of changes for TWBlue, version 2024.01.05:

  • Core:
    • The TWBlue website will no longer be available on the domain. Beginning in January 2024, TWBlue will live at Also, we will start releasing versions on gitHub releases so it will be easier to track specific versions.
    • As of the first release of TWBlue in 2024, we will officially stop generating 32-bit (X86) compatible binaries due to the increasing difficulty of generating versions compatible with this architecture in modern Python.
    • TWBlue should be more reliable when checking for updates.
    • If running from source, automatic updates will not be checked as this works only for distribution. (#540)
    • Fixed the 'report an error' item in the help menu. Now this item redirects to our gitHub issue tracker. (#524)
  • Mastodon:
    • Implemented actions for the notifications buffer on a mastodon instance. Actions can be performed from the contextual menu on every notification, or by using invisible keystrokes. (#517)
    • Implemented update profile dialog. (#547)
    • It is possible to display an user profile from the user menu within the menu bar, or by using the invisible keystroke for user details. (#555)
    • Added possibility to vote in polls. This is mapped to Alt+Win+Shift+V in the invisible keymaps for windows 10/11.
    • Added posts search. Take into account that Mastodon instances should be configured with full text search enabled. Search for posts only include posts the logged-in user has interacted with. (#541)
    • Added user autocompletion settings in account settings dialog, so it is possible to ask TWBlue to scan mastodon accounts and add people from followers and following buffers. For now, user autocompletion can be used only when composing new posts or replies.
    • TWBlue should be able to ignore deleted direct messages or messages from deleted accounts. Previously, a direct message that no longer existed in the instance caused errors when loading the direct messages buffer and could potentially affect notifications as well.
    • TWBlue should be able to ignore notifications from deleted accounts or posts.

As always, you can download the latest version of TWBlue, if you haven't done so already, through our Downloads Page or from GitHub releases. TWBlue users can update the application automatically. You can also report bugs or suggest new features through our Mastodon account at or via our Issue Tracker at GitHub.