TWBlue Version 2024.5.19 has been released

hello and welcome to a new TWBlue release! In this version of TWBlue, which is being released several months after the previous one, we focused on adding initial support for GoToSocial-type networks. GoToSocial is a server for creating decentralized networks similar to Mastodon. Its API is very similar but retains some differences. In this version, TWBlue can be used to log into GoToSocial accounts, although there will be some features, such as the Streaming API and Markdown support, that are not yet functional. Another significant addition is support for creating community timelines, which will allow you to load the local and public timeline of remote instances. This is useful if your instance does not federate directly with them, as it will allow you to see posts from other communities and interact directly with them. Finally, the translation module has been rewritten; it now supports using LibreTranslate by default and DeepL, for which an API key is required. Remember that if you like the project and wish to contribute to its development, you can make a donation.

Below is the detailed list of changes:

  • Core:
    • Added Initial Support to GoToSocial. Some features are not fully implemented yet, although GoToXocial instances should be able to be used as normal sessions in TWBlue. Streaming, poll options and markdown are not supported but planned for the near future.
    • The translation module has been rewritten. Now, instead of offering translations with Google Translator, the user can choose between LibreTranslate, which requires no configuration thanks to the instance of the NVDA Spanish community; or translate using DeepL, for which it is necessary to create an account on DeepL and subscribe to a DeepL API Free plan to obtain the API key which can be used to translate up to 500000 characters every month. The API key can be entered in the global options dialog, under a new tab called translation services. When translating a text, the translation engine can be changed. When changing the translation engine, the target language must be selected again before translation takes place.
    • TWBlue should be able to switch to Windows 11 Keymap when running under Windows 11. (#494)
  • Mastodon:
    • Added support for viewing communities: A community timeline is the local or public timeline of another instance. This is especially useful when the instance one is part of does not federate with other remote instances. The posts displayed are only those that are shared publicly. It is possible to interact with the posts from community timelines, but it should be noted that TWBlue will take some time to retrieve the post one wishes to interact with.
    • When viewing a post, a button displays the number of boosts and times it has been added to favorites. Clicking on that button will open a list of users who have interacted with the post. From that list, it is possible to view profiles and perform common user actions.
    • Now it is possible to mute conversations in Mastodon sessions. To do this, there is a button that can be called "Mute" or "Unmute Conversation" in the dialog to display the post. Conversations that have been muted will not generate notifications or mentions when they receive new replies. Only conversations that you are a part of can be muted.
    • Fixed an error that caused TWBlue to be unable to properly display the user action dialog from the followers or following buffer. (#575)