TWBlue Team

There are several people behind this project who collaborate with what is within their possibilities in order to make the project grow up, to maintain its availability on internet, to give users support and attention, among others. The list of those people who have contributed in any way to make TW Blue either more scattered, better or easier to manage is presented as follows.

From TW Blue we wish to thank them all. All collaboration is an important part in this project and it makes a difference. We also want to thank all those users that, even though they are not within this list (as it is difficult to know who they are), test, report bugs, suggest improvements, recommend the application and spread it, and help in a greater or lesser extent that this project is still existing and slowly improving. Thank you!

Development and management

  • Manuel Cortéz (@manuelcortez00 on Twitter) is the main developer of TWBlue. He also updates the TWBlue website and participates in the official Twitter account by replying in english and spanish.
  • José Manuel Delicado (@jmdaweb on twitter) is an active developer of TWBlue. He has worked to get the dependencies to build up TW Blue into the repository and has created the 64 bits, portable apps and installer version of the application. He keeps up to date the building instructions and windows dependencies for the project. He also is the coordinator of the translators team.
  • Valeria Kuznetsova (@ValeriaK305 on Twitter) Helps with the TWBlue account in english and russian by replying and interacting with users, and gathering more information when there are bug reports. She participates in the Russian translation team that provides russian versions of the TWBlue's interface and documentation, and she is translating the TWBlue website.


Recurring members

  • Guillem León (@guilevi_es on twitter) has collaborated with the creation of TW Blue’s official Sound Pack, as well as with the English translation of the TW Blue website index page.

Former collaborators